In this gallery you will find jewellery I have created out of clay. Some are made custom and most of them are made in the moment when I'm trying out shapes that I like. They will be for sale soon! Get in contact if you want to get yourself a pair.



This medium is a great way for me to wind down and I love the way it looks. I mostly do embroidery on totes but also on t-shirts and anything I can think of really. More totes will be made and for sale! If you have any enquiries do not hesitate to get in contact. 




Here I have gathered some of my recent sketches. Made when inspired, for design ideas or drawn from reference photos to boost my creativity. Mostly I draw nature and the female figure, the organic shapes that I find comforting and beautiful.


stick n poke

During my trip in NZ my friends let me live my handpoke enthusiast life and after that I was hooked. It's such a wonderful art. I am also happy to take enquiries.



other crafts

This is the space where I put other miscellaneous handcrafted delights. Such as work with clay, crochet, punch needle etc.